divytec doctor portal

divytec doctor practice application is a cloud based solution that helps doctors and clinics to streamline there patient treatment flow, clinic and pharmacy / Stock management efficiently resulting in higher efficiencies and faster patient turnaround time.

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Demo login detail......
Email -admin@doctor.com
Password - 123456

Exclusive Features

patient profiles

Patient profiles, including their medical history and health conditions can be viewed with a simple search to review their health records prior to the appointment.

Appointment Scheduling

You or your staff can book appointments for your patients through the web or mobile app. This can be for clinic visits or online consultations. .

Update Status

Your staff and patients can confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. This will be alerted to you and the status can be viewed in different colours in your appointment calendar.

View schedule

You can view the appointment schedule for the whole practice or selectively for specific health providers in a calendar or list view


You and your patients receive SMS/Email/Push Notification reminders about upcoming appointments to ensure better time management and prevent no-shows


Complete pharmacy shop can be managed through this module. Additionally it can be linked to main billing. Charges will automatically transfer to patient billing.

Role Based Access

Option to use default and custom roles for users. Users would have restricted access based on the roles and privileges.

  • Doctor login
  • Nurse login
  • Pharmacist login
  • Laboratorist login
  • Accountant login
  • Patient login

Demo login detail......
Email -admin@doctor.com
Password - 123456

Software Demo